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7 days free return under certain conditions Genuine product More items to consider Description Size Guide Reviews Return Policy COTTON SHORT PANJABI FOR MEN Panjabi is a traditional clothing which can be worn for any occasion. It has a traditional value in Bangladesh. The main material of Panjabi is mostly Cotton or they can be cotton mixed. Only soft material fabrics are used for making Panjabi as it is supposed to be a comfortable loose fitting dress. Though good quality cotton is the most common material used for making Panjabi. Other fabrics like silk and satin are also used. It is perfect for the young and smart person. KEY FEATURES Product Type: Short Panjabi Color: Purple Main Material: Cotton Comfortable to wear A traditional wear WHAT'S IN THE BOX Short Panjabi SPECIFICATIONS OF PURPLE COTTON SHORT PANJABI FOR MEN


Easy Polo Black Edition


Easy Polo Black Edition

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